a.r.t. company history

Founded in 2008, Avatar Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) has the distinction of being the oldest and longest running live theater company performing in voice in Second Life®. We have also presented special performances on other grids, and look forward to expanding our performances to the Open Metaverse, accessible on the Hypergrid.

Performance Schedule Archive

Judith Adele (Ada Radius in virtual worlds) and Iain McCracken (Sodovan Torok in Second Life) founded Avatar Repertory Theater with the aim of creating a small, tightly knit group of players with a broad range of technical, artistic and organizational skills. Our debut production of “Tales from the Metaverse” was performed for Halloween 2008, and the company has continued to explore live voice/real-time virtual performance ever since through a variety of projects, small and large.

A.R.T. comprises a gifted company of actors, writers, graphic artists, programmers, musicians, sound engineers and production administrators. We perform in virtual reality platforms such as Second Life®. Live virtual theater performance is our focus, using prerecorded music and sound effects, avatars, costumes, sets, props and animations that are readily available in virtual worlds and those custom created by company members.