Avatar Repertory Theater – Virtual World Theater

Virtual World Theater Online.  Avatar Repertory Theater challenges barriers and explores art, theater and stagecraft in immersive, user-created virtual worlds. Actors, directors, designers, playwrights and producers are connected around the globe, creating live stage performances in real time to be enjoyed by an international audience. Performances are enjoyed online, in the privacy of your own home. We currently have a presence in Second Life®, Kitely® and the OpenSim virtual world grids.

If you love theater, but don't get out to see it often enough, look for us online.  What are you waiting for?   Join the fun of Virtual World Theater!

Virtual World Theater - Still Not Sure What it is?

We understand. If you have never entered a Virtual World it can seem like an alien idea; but, it is not as far out there as you think.

Have you ever played a video game? If so, you already have experience controlling an avatar. If you haven't played video games since the 80's, the Pacman avatar does count! His world, however, was far more limited than what you can do now. 

The difference in Virtual Worlds is that you can control how your avatar looks, dresses, moves, talks and so much more, all in a real-time environment.

Virtual World Theater is a LIVE THEATER EVENT, with real actors using their voices and operating the avatar's movements. You can participate as an audience member for pure enjoyment or you can get more involved - audition for a show, write a script, design a set, manage props, design and run the lights, etc. If you like theater, Virtual World Theater, is something worth checking out.

Getting started and joining us is easier than you think:

Have A.R.T. Will Travel -  Join us in SecondLife or Kitely using our Easy Five Step Guide

Follow this link to learn more about becoming involved on the stage or behind the scenes as part of our Virtual World Theater Troupe.