Audio Clips – 13 Objects

A.R.T. as part of the Howard Barker Plays Project

13 Objects: Studies in Servitude is a collection of short plays, written by British playwright Howard Barker. On October 21, 2009, his theatre company, The Wrestling School, celebrated its twenty-first birthday with a worldwide festival of his works.

This festival cascaded around the globe, starting in Perth in northern Australia, and ending in Burnaby in western Canada. Barker's plays and poetry were heard in seven languages with more than two hundred performers participating, including the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, England, and the Avatar Repertory Theatre, hosted by Coventry University in Coventry, England.

We were hosted on Coventry University’s sim in Second Life®, where we assembled the sets for these scenes out of pieces of Arcadia Asylum's Slum City and Hobo builds. The build was left open to the public to wander through for a month after the show. Audio was captured during the performances and rehearsals and provided in-world at each set. These audio recordings are preserved here for your listening pleasure.

Download the program (PDF).

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A Lonely Spade

OfficerKayden Oconnell
First PrisonerProspero Frobozz
Second PrisonerRowan Shamroy

Cruel Cup Kind Saucer


Kayden Oconnell
Old WomanAda Radius
ManEm Jannings
Second ManDolgoruky Umarov
Third ManProspero Frobozz

The Talk of a Toy

A QueenAda Radius
First WomanRowan Shamroy
Second WomanAvaJean Westland
AttendantsProspero Frobozz
MadameThespian Underhill
Em Jannings
Dolgoruky Umarov
Mickie Nikolaidis
Persephone Phoenix

Cracked Lens

Not to Escape Now

ManDolgoruky Umarov
WomanPersephone Phoenix
YouthProspero Frobozz

Poet Ash

First LoutAvaJean Westland
Second LoutPersephone Phoenix
Third LoutRowan Shamroy

Blind Prejudice

The Hermit’s War with God

StilpoDolgoruky Umarov
Pale GirlMickie Nikolaidis
First PoorKayden Oconnell
Second PoorEm Jannings

Listen, I’ll Beat You