ART Presents Two Gentlemen of Verona Sunday December 11th @ 2PM PST

Yes, Shakespeare wrote soap operas. Julia will go to any means to snare Protheus who lusts for Silvia who loves Valentine but must marry Sir Thurio, because her dad, the Duke, says so.  Avatar Repertory Theater presents two performances of The Two Gentlemen of Verona A scene from  The Two Gentlemen of Verona   The Two […]

Avatar Repertory Theater Presents Two Gentlemen of Verona 2 shows only

  To join us hop to and walk across the bridge to A.R.T.’s traveling Renaissance theater and fine dining. Please join Avatar Repertory Theater at AvatarFest 2016 as we present Shakespeare’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona, Saturday October 1 at 1pm grid time and Sunday October 2 at 4pm grid time. Julia will go to […]

VIrtual World Theater – Join Us Today!

New Media Arts Inc Preserving the Old, Advancing the New Come on in to the world of virtual stage and screen. Have A.R.T. Will Travel Guide FREE and EASY 5 Step instructions on How to Get Started

Virtual World Theater

Avatar Repertory Theater – Preparing a Role for Poetry

by Ada Radius April 22, 2016 Avatar Repertory Theater actors are preparing to record a professional podcast of Robert Frost’s “North of Boston”, most of which are drama poems.  We performed a one hour version of it live, with virtual sets and avatars, at the lastVWBPE conference, and, now that we have some New England […]

Virtual World Theater

Avatar Repertory Theater – Past, Present, Future

by Ada Radius April 1, 2016 With the words that Shakespeare gave Miranda: “O brave new world that has such people in it!” When Iain McCracken (Sodovan Torok in Second Life) and I founded Avatar Repertory Theater in 2008, there were already several active live theater troupes in the grid. Talk of live theater in […]

Virtual World Theater

“Land Impact” Values, SL vs OpenSim grids

by Ada Radius March 5, 2016 Another reason why I love building in OpenSim! The so-called “Land Impact” values. Here is a comparison of land impact values for identical mesh model uploads, that I tested in OpenSim, then uploaded into Second Life. In both grids, 1 prim = 1 land impact value. For these low-poly […]

ART to grace the stage at VWBPE in SL March 11th 7PM PDT

  YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to join Avatar Repertory Theater for a dramatization of Robert Frost’s 1915 modernist masterpiece “NORTH OF BOSTON”, presented live in voice, Friday, March 11 at 7pm Pacific Time in Second Life at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education sim. From the hired hand who finally comes home, to a man who will […]

Avatar Repertory Theater is looking for a few good voices!

Our upcoming shows scheduled so far this year: Shakespeare’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona” in February, Taming of the Shrew and Titus Andronicus TBA, in OpenSim, at our Cookie II world at the Kitely grid. We’ll also be starting a virtual world theater workshop series at our Cookie II world on the Kitely grid in a […]