“Land Impact” Values, SL vs OpenSim grids

by Ada Radius
March 5, 2016

Another reason why I love building in OpenSim! The so-called “Land Impact” values.
Here is a comparison of land impact values for identical mesh model uploads, that I tested in OpenSim, then uploaded into Second Life. In both grids, 1 prim = 1 land impact value. For these low-poly mesh models, which have fewer vertices than if I built them with prims, the values are different.

“Land Impact” Values, SL vs OpenSim grids:
Chair                           56                             1
Cupboard                     87                             1
Table                            6                              1
Bed                             41                             4
Totals:                      190                              7

These models are nothing fancy, just some simple furniture for a theater set for Avatar Repertory Theater, where, because of the limited numbers of prims allowed on a Second Life sim, I have a tight prim budget. The 183 extra “land impact” meant I was over budget. So I did what everyone does – substitute prims for the chairs @14 prims each, and sculpties for the cupboard, pillow, mattress and coverlet, which do not texture nearly as well and are harder on viewers. I got to keep the table and bed frame.

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